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The Alternate universe of The well beloved naruot universe here is another soon to be created series once again created by gage the lost1, Here you get to create your own ninja to participate in the Full battles and definitive story(coming soon), The rules for creating characters would be messaging me on my message wall and me approving your created character.

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Here is to be a fan animation and created manga for the naruto neo absolon series set early in the Third shinobi war instead of The regualr naruto and friends it is an entirely new set of characters with new and old abilities

Abilities already Taken Edit


Itachi's Susanoo

Sand jinchūriki (Shukaku)

Lightning jinchūriki (Gyūki)

Tsukuyomi(Full Still Available)


Characters Edit

Raisetsu Hamada

Tetsuo Hamada

Hotaru Matsuri Hyuga



Sekitan(Rival Of Raisetsu and the Embodiment of the choas spirit)

Komaru(Puppet Master)

Kurutanyu(9 tails jinchūriki)

Maka(The Snake Charmer)

Isaac(Hokage Of the Rain)

Yuno(Bodygaurd to Namere)

Keikaku Hanya(Gaurdian of the Wind)

Mino Hyuga(Prodigy)

Ai Mei(Dancer HIdden in the leaves)

Akira Hyuga(The Heart Stopper)

Turra Humatsu(He who cannot Miss)

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